ArtoberVA cultural celebration adds to fall's rich palette

From the Richmond Times Dispatch's ARTS PREVIEW: ARTS AND CULTURE
August 29, 2017

by Michael Paul Williams

When CultureWorks matched artist Nico Cathcart with Carter Woods apartments, the senior living community received three new murals and Cathcart gained a network of surrogate grandparents.

That’s part of the charm of ArtoberVA, a celebration of arts and culture in the Richmond and Tri-Cities areas during October, which is National Arts and Humanities Month.

ArtoberVA, patterned after a similar program in Nashville, Tenn., was launched in 2016 as a way to engage more of the community in arts and culture. Nearly two-thirds of Americans have not participated in an arts or cultural event in a given year, said Scott Garka, executive director of CultureWorks, which provides support to the local arts and culture community.